• Natural Stone
• Variety of Colours (beige, warm grey, cold grey)
• Variety of Finishes (honed, polishes, sandblasted, scratched, flammed, bush-hammered)
• Variety of Designs (tiles, beveled, bends, moldings, columns, balustrades, keystones, etc.)
• Innovative Installation System (weight decrease, increased R-value, 10-year warranty)

stone catalog

Alpina - Red Galaxy
Ataija Mix
Atlantic Grey
Bluette Wet
Creme de Mos
Creme Fornea
Creme Rimal
Fatima Fino
Fatima Medio
Grafito - Obidos Azul
Moca Creme M3 Contra
Moca Creme M4
Moca Extra
Moleanos Fino
Moleanos Medio Grosso
Molicreme Classic
Molicreme Light
Rosal Cod Favor
Rosal Codacal
Semirijo Favor
Yellow Split


Our limestone comes from international sources and exhibits the beauty and resilience that this classic material is renowned for. It has been crafted for centuries and revered for equally as long. Could the Pyramids of Giza and the Empire State Building be wrong?
In terms of style, limestone remains a staple in high-end construction of both traditional and contemporary designs. Limestone is durable, low maintenance, versatile and holds a subtle beauty that stands the test of time.
We work directly with quarries in Portugal and India that cut limestone to any custom size. This offers our customers cost savings and a top quality product, direct from the source. Our stone is available in an enticing range of colours and textures to best match your project

• Range of colours
• Durable
• Low maintenance
• Bracket hanging system

• Versatile for nearly any project
• Energy cost savings
• Easy to maintain
• Lasts a lifetime

Honeycomb facades

One of the most versatile options in the realm of stonework, this stone veneer product is adhered to a space-grade, aluminum honeycomb backing that creates a nearly crack resistant product that is a fraction of the weight and cost of solid stone.
With flex and resistance, Honeycomb stone can withstand 60 times more impact than a 3cm think piece of granite. It is also approximately 80% lighter than solid stone, which hugely impacts installation cost and structural requirements.
The veneer can be made out of a wide selection of stone, the most frequently used being: granite, marble, limestone, travertine and onyx.

• Crack resistant
• Lightweight
• Aerospace technology

• Great for cold weather
• Energy cost savings
• Cost-effective installation

Quick Installation

Labour costs have increased more than 50% in the last two years in the Greater Toronto area and they’ll continue to climb. Stones like Stones ® wall panels and flexible veneer install quickly, slashing labour costs.

Decorative solutions for facades

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Cornice CR-1
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Low Band MB-1
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